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Clinical Operations Improvement

Improving emergency department and inpatient patient flow and operational efficiency often hinges on improving clinical collaboration and communication. Our clinical operations improvement approach centers on the sweet spot between the business realities of your facility and slowing down to address the most impactful headwinds you face.

“If you’re going to bring in CareCulture, realistically, you need to be ready for transformation. They are going to transform your ED into a very efficient place. No doubt about it.” 

Chief Operating Officer, Not-for-profit healthcare system

Improved operational efficiency doesn’t have to mean transactional and less compassionate care.

No matter your program’s pain point, we will work closely with your administrative and clinical teams to understand your challenges and develop a solution to streamline your clinical operations in a sustainable way. We have a wide spectrum of hands-on experience improving clinical operations in emergency departments and inpatient programs, focusing on common areas of improvement, such as:

  • Patient transitions

  • ED sepsis bundle

  • Chest pain protocol

  • Left Without Being Seen

  • Length of Stay

  • Door to Provider

  • Room to Provider

  • Disposition to Depart

Whatever metric you aim to impact, we have extensive experience implementing innovative inpatient and ED-specific efficiency improvement strategies, such as provider in triage, direct to bed, vertical flow ambulatory care evaluation (ACE)/rapid medical exam (RME), results pending room, and resource matching. We develop and implement these approaches based on your facility’s unique needs.

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