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Clinical Quality and Patient Service Improvement


Our philosophy is this: If you have fulfilled providers, service and care quality naturally improves. That’s why we prioritize supporting and empowering clinicians to enjoy coming to work each day, which we find makes a direct and measurable impact on patient experience and overall quality of care.

“Almost immediately we saw a positive change in the ED culture, which drove performance improvement. They significantly moved throughput and patient experience numbers within 3-6 months.”

Chief Nursing Officer

When clinicians serve each other, patient care quality improves.

Coordination and communication across the continuum of care is essential to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. To address and embrace this, we start by ensuring your clinical team’s needs are met. If your team isn’t fulfilled and invested at work, practice culture and patient experience can suffer. When your team is fulfilled and aligned with your goals, they approach each day with a purpose to serve each person they interact with—from nurses and administrative staff, to community providers and patients. This approach not only benefits the clinicians themselves, but also everyone and everything they influence, which certainly includes quality and patient satisfaction measures.

Patient Service and Communication Education

To ensure providers have the skills to deliver the highest quality service and care, we employ our service academy, a proprietary communication education program that’s proven to improve not only provider-patient communication but also provider-provider communication and service. Through this ongoing education, combined with regular peer feedback and clinical mentorship, we consistently see a marked improvement in patient satisfaction.

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