Emergency Department Management

Our clinician-led emergency department leadership and management services have transformed both large and small emergency departments across the United States. Consistently, we find that when you prioritize people, leadership, and communication, your clinical team is more satisfied and improved clinical and operational performance naturally follows. 

We address your emergency department's  unique goals and challenges.

We optimize emergency department service by improving interdisciplinary collaboration, communication, and leadership development—all foundational elements that address any number of challenges your program faces, including:

Leadership development

Staffing coverage challenges

Disjointed clinician culture

Poor community relations

Patient satisfaction

Operations efficiency

Quality metrics

Physician retention

We find that our focus on improving communication, developing leadership, and empowering clinical staff paired with our operational efficiency improvement efforts results in improved collaboration with nursing and ancillary staff and reduced readmissions, 72-hour returns, EMTALA risk, malpractice risk, poor ED outcomes, and patient complaints.

I’ve worked my whole career in healthcare and I’ve never run across physicians with a better understanding of how to transform an ED.
— Chief Operating Officer, 60-bed acute care hospital