Women’s Services

Our clinician-led women’s services help hospitals interested in optimizing and growing their OB and OB-GYN programs. Our 24/7 services are customized to support your facility’s needs, whether you are facing issues with OB or NICU volumes, implementing an OB-ED, supporting your OB-GYN medical staff, or developing and expanding perinatal service lines.


24/7 OB Hospitalist, OB-GYN Hospitalist, & Laborist Programs

Custom hospitalist program development services tailored to your goals and private physician expectations.

 OB Hospitalist/OB-GYN Hospitalist Program Management

Overall management, including community outreach, business development, and identification of opportunities to expand perinatal service lines, thus enhancing downstream revenue.

OB-Emergency Department

Design, development, and implementation of OB-EDs.

Extended Services Agreements

Support of your OB providers on a fee for service basis, helping them manage private patients and optimize their work-life balance.


Our 24/7 OB and OB-GYN hospitalist programs are supported by experienced physician leaders. We are a physician-owned and-led organization that provides a high level of customer service and a superior level of attention and care. We align with your hospital’s long- and short-term goals and have a proven history of driving program expansion, improving revenue cycle performance, and delivering consistently high-quality teams that drive growth.


Provide seamless 24/7 management

Improve care quality

Improve outcomes

Improve patient safety

Reduce malpractice premiums

Reduce burden on private physicians

Achieve desired designation for maternal care