You employ your providers, we develop a partnership agreement based on your needs. 

We provide à la carte emergency department and hospitalist program back-office management services such as clinical leadership and oversight, provider recruiting, provider credentialing, provider scheduling, patient service education, quality and efficiency reporting and/or improvement strategy, and specialized collection services. We can provide these services as part of our staffing services, or your hospital can continue to employ your providers and we can develop a management partnership based on your needs. 

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Leadership Development 

Emergency department and hospital medicine leadership is critical to the success of any clinical practice. The leadership capabilities of your medical director directly influence not only quality and efficiency measures, but also patient satisfaction, practice culture, and physician satisfaction. That’s why we make leadership development and mentoring a cornerstone of our emergency and hospital medicine management services.

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Provider Recruiting and Retention

Our physician and advanced practice provider recruiting and retention services prioritize people. That is because, as a clinician-led company, we understand the challenges faced by providers and that a more satisfied team is a higher functioning team. Our recruitment team excels at recruiting board certified emergency medicine physicians and highly qualified inpatient physicians and advanced practice providers and our experienced clinician leaders know what it takes to ensure the team is equipped with the tools and support necessary to perform. 

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Clinical Quality Assurance

We maintain high clinical quality standards and have many processes and protocols in place to ensure your patient's recieve high quality care and your provider's recieve support to improve and constructive feedback on the quality of the care they deliver. Below are some of the key ways we ensure high levels of clinical quality and programs we have in place to continually improve quality metrics.

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Operations Improvement 

No matter your program’s pain point, we will work closely with your administrative and clinical teams to understand your challenges and develop a solution to streamline your clinical operations in a sustainable way. We have a wide spectrum of hands-on experience improving clinical operations in emergency departments and inpatient programs, focusing on common areas of improvement, such as: patient transitions, ED sepsis bundle, chest pain protocol, Left Without Being Seen, Length of Stay, Door to Provider, Room to Provider, and Disposition to Depart