CareCulture's very foundation is to deliver outstanding patient care to the communities we serve and focus on serving the patient, hospital, and physician partnerships rather than serving investors.


When CareCulture partners with your facility, we apply our extensive clinical and administrative emergency medicine and inpatient program expertise to address your unique challenges and align with your goals and vision. We take a genuine, people-centric approach to transform each practice we serve. Every day, everywhere we work, we apply our core values to create fulfilled, high-functioning clinical teams:


We do not answer to private investors. Instead, we’re beholden to the people we serve. If we cannot deliver the high level of service we promise, we will not take the job. We work daily to be transparent and to do what we say we will. This investment returns high-functioning teams, which in turn improves quality and efficiency, patient experience, community perception, and provider relationships.


The linchpin of our effectiveness is positive and constructive collaboration and communication. We work with current team members and bring in high quality providers to foster a culture of service, collaboration, and open communication between hospital leadership, physicians, medical staff, nursing staff, community PCPs, and other disciplines within the hospital.

Servant Leadership

We were founded by physicians and advanced practice providers who are passionate about practicing medicine and serving our community. Our philosophy is this: the practice of medicine improves when clinicians lead by example, take ownership of their practice, and positively engage with everyone they serve—from nurses and techs to physician colleagues and patients.


Our clients say our management style is full of care and compassion. This style improves care quality and efficiency in a way that makes healthcare delivery feel less transactional and more effectual. We are committed to working side by side with leaders like you to improve healthcare by fostering a more interconnected and compassionate healthcare landscape where patients are safe, supported, and informed, and providers across disciplines are allied, fulfilled, and empowered.


We prioritize making a positive impact on every community we work in, and we are passionate about serving in our local communities and around the globe. We demonstrate this commitment by setting up and managing free health clinics in our local communities. We also dedicate time throughout the year to serving impoverished areas abroad through our nonprofit organizations, Great Commission Outreach and This work illustrates our commitment to help clinicians find a renewed sense of purpose through serving and our genuine dedication to improving the lives of others.  


Watch the video below to learn more about who we are as CareCulture Health Partners.