Affinitas Health Rebrands as CareCulture Health Partners

Name Change Better Reflects Firm’s Focus on Culture to Improve Performance in Emergency and Hospitalist Programs

Dallas, Texas (March 1, 2018): CareCulture Health Partners, which launched in November 2017 under the brand Affinitas Health, has changed its name to better reflect the company’s positive, service-oriented approach to managing emergency departments and inpatient programs. The new name also emphasizes culture as the key to performance improvement in medicine.

As CareCulture President Dr. Lawrence Bean stated, “We wanted a name that directly captured our philosophy: that positive culture improves patient care. We have seen firsthand how addressing organizational culture issues boosts emergency department performance and improves patient outcomes. The culture we promote values every individual—from community physicians to techs, nurses, APPs, healthcare executives, and physicians—as equally important and influential players in creating and sustaining an environment that benefits everyone.”

President Dr. Bean and CEO Dr. Eugene Gicheru created CareCulture to offer an alternative to the transactional approach to physician management that currently dominates the market. They believe that the new brand name represents their agile, hands-on, service-oriented program management approach which squarely addresses today’s top challenges for hospitals: a more than 50% physician burnout rate; the struggle to improve patient satisfaction scores; poor community perception; and the inefficient use of resources.

“I’ve worked my whole career in healthcare and I’ve never run across physicians with a better understanding of how to transform an emergency department. They approach it from the ground up, starting with people and then working on process,” said Michael Pittman, former Chief Operating Officer at Baylor Scott & White – Brenham during Dr. Gicheru and Dr. Bean’s tenure there. “For them an emergency department is a complex organism, but it is run at the end of the day by people. They know what makes them tick and work well together in that unique setting.”

Dr. Gicheru and Dr. Bean, both experienced board-certified emergency physicians, have transformed hospital emergency departments and urgent care clinics across the country into high-functioning, high-performing care settings for more than a decade. Their success comes from leveraging their unique approach of focusing on cultural factors to improve quality and efficiency metrics.

“Whenever we are called to address emergency department and urgent care performance problems, invariably the root of those problems boils down to organizational culture. Perennial issues include poor relations with community providers, unstable team dynamics, disjointed communication, and transactional medical leadership. When we fix those, performance improves,” said Dr. Gicheru.

Dr. Gicheru and Dr. Bean continue to work with the same team of trusted colleagues and exemplary clinician leaders who share their people-first, service-leadership philosophy to lead CareCulture.

The team comprises experienced healthcare leader Cory L. Carter as Chief Operating Officer; Advanced Practice Provider leadership expert Darrel Morrison, RN, FNP-BC, CEN as the Chief Nursing Officer; and filling the roles of Chief Medical Officer and Regional Medical Director, respectively, are outstanding emergency medicine physician leaders Oscar J. Martinez, MD, FACEP, and Javier Caldera, MD, FACEP. Troy Martin, MD, has been named President of CareCulture’s hospitalist division and Dr. Bean will serve as President of the emergency medicine division. Leadership and communication expert Ryan Parker, MD, FACEP, rounds out the clinical leadership team as Chief Patient Experience Officer.

Dr. Gicheru and Dr. Bean are gratified to continue working with long-time colleagues and friends to improve emergency department and inpatient program performance for facilities across the country.